DIY magnetic PCB holder

I’ve just made myself these very low cost magnetic PCB holders and written a little article about it, that I hope might be of interest:


Feedback welcome! The article also summarises some other magnetic holder designs, both DIY and commercial.

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Wow, I was JUST emailing a fellow about a similar magnetic “feet” arrangement (Elias who made this video). He told me they are just magnets (donut shaped, I presume) screwed into a standard standoff. I’ve using a PCBites system for probing a project these days, and this is a great accessory to use with that system which has a metal base plate. Where do you guys or gals get donut shaped magnets?

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But, I’m sure there are much cheaper sources.

I have this:

Nice feature with the probe holders

Those do look nice, if totally out of my budget. I’m tempted to try and create my own low cost version of their magnetic SP10 probes. It looks like a simple PCB, pogopin and a pin header?

I found some here locally for pretty cheap. Less than a dollar each depending on the size, the smallest one was 20 cents. I was kind of surprised since South Korea isn’t very maker-friendly. But if I can easily find them here, surely similar donut magnets are available in other more maker-friendly countries.

Note these aren’t actually toroidal but were designed for countersinking a machine screw.

What does the number four mean below?


Number of times that link has been clicked, I think?

If your microscope has a metal stage, then these come in handy while doing soldering or rework. You can make them double-sided, too.

Yup, that’s exactly it.