Digital calipers

I’m looking for a set of calipers and was wondering what folks are using?


I have a pair of these. They’re not going to be super accurate but for most things I’m doing they’re more than “good enough”.

It’s also possible to get an all plastic set for maybe 5 bucks cheaper, but I like that these are metal.

Thanks Chris. Those look fine and about what I wanted to spend.

I should also add to this discussion how useful I find digital calipers. They’re just good for having around when doing mechanical stuff with PCBs or figuring out the pitch of components. And if people get into the mechanical side of things (3D printing, machining, etc), they’re a necessity.

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I use a Mitutoyo series 500 absolute digimatic. Expensive, but they were purchased for parametric modeling for machining and found use in 3d printing and electronics.

Cheap calipers for me too. I am not doing machining (well I do, but not good machining).

Here is a teardown of knock off Miutoyo by AVE. His opinion is go for cheap off brand and have spare batteries.

There are plenty on eBay for $10 US or less (and of course more) which are fine for most things you are going to do in electronics and PCB design.

Been using this one for 6 years. I only had to replace the batteries 3 or 4 times. $16.34 Amazon Prime US. I use them for PCB, 3D design, and general shop measuring. In looking at @ChrisGammell 's post, I am using the same one as him.

As for Mitutoyo, I think they’re fantastic and I hope to have a need to get them one day…but yeah, I’m not there yet :slight_smile: