Digikey search link changed

A quick heads-up for anyone else who has Digikey configured as a search engine in their browser - it looks like Digikey recently changed the search URL to: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/result?keywords=%s

As some context, I’d previously used this URL but it no longer works as of a couple days ago: https://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll I reached out to Digikey support and they pointed me to the new URL, and I’ve confirmed it works.

I have this configured in Chrome as a site search engine with a single-letter shortcut for lightning-fast lookup of parts.

Hmm, weird, it looks like mine had been that way for some time:

It’s nice to be able to type Digikey[tab]search-item[enter] and get to results!

To make it a bit faster, I have it set up with a single-letter shortcut:

So I just type “d<space>” and then my search term - super fast way to get component data/pricing/etc.

Usually, d or digi will auto-complete to Digikey. :slight_smile:

You are actually also using an “old” url, Robert was using an old old url. The current one is en/products not products/en as that’s how Digi-Key separated the older C++ backend from the newer ElasticSearch backend. The the firewall is currently rewriting old urls to fit the new one. So there’s a chance they’ll remove those rules if someone in the networking team decides to clean house in the future.

It’s of little consequence now, but I did do a little writeup on setting custom searches in FF/Chrome/Edge because it surprised me the steps were so different.

I also did a brief tutorial on how to add DK search to Slack/Excel/email/PDF/CAD software here if that interests anyone.


This is awesome! Thanks for the detailed writeups on these, Ben.