Deciding which level of CE to invest in

hello all,

I am interested in enrolling in one of the course levels in CE but am undecided as to where I want to start. I am above a beginner level and have made my own projects/ board layouts etc. from a hardware standpoint. I have worked quite a bit with the Arduino platform ans made a few projects with the SMD version of the 328P and dipped my toe into the PIC world as well with a few simple programs in the MX8. I am interested in analog front end design, power supply design both linear and switching and battery powered products, but also interested in furthering my firmware/software side. I am on the fence as to either the Journeyman course or the Apprentice course with the AD2 package. Is there anyone in those levels that has any input on their material or the learning experience?

Well no responses for you here yet. But if you want to chat with me before you decide, let me know! One of the “welcome” emails asks that you schedule a short chat with me anyway (this is more recent, and long time students are welcome to reach out and do this still). If you’d like, we can just move that up a bit.

hey Chris,

I would love to set a time to chat briefly, I think that would help a great deal. I think at this point i am leaning towards the journeyman with AD2 bundle. How long does a course “last”? I know its a go at your own pace but more of what I am asking is how in depth is the content and how deep down does the learning go? Is this at a register level of integrating different sensors and other chips with micros or is this more higher level learning how to integrate these things on a system level?

I’ll send you a DM about a time we can get together online to chat more