Debugging in STM32Cube without source


I am working on EMC problems. We are using a STM32 and I would like to change the drive strength of the ports in debugging mode (so not to have the SW guy do a new build for each experiment)

I do not have the source code, it is encrypted.
So my idea was to use STM32CubeIDE and manipulate the port registers directly in the debugger.

But, is it possible to run the debugger/connection to the MCU without source code?

I’ve never done it with STM32CubeIDE, but I have done it with IAR. You would just start “Debug without downloading”. You could then halt and bang registers. However, if the source code is encrypted is it possible that security locks are enabled that would prevent JTAG connections to the device?

I just poked at CubeIDE and I don’t see an obvious debug without downloading option. I would think it HAS to be there though… :upside_down_face:


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yes it is, it’s just gdb , i use keil myself but the idea is the same, it’d help you to have the map file available too so you can see where you are.

if you dont have the binary and the read out protection locks are on, then you wouldn’t be able too without bypassing the locks, but sounds like thats not the case for you

As far as I have been told by the guys, the option bytes are not set. So should be able to read it.

I have used IAR before, and it has the option to debug with out download. Seems Cube would need it also, but cannot find it

I can download an evaluation version of IAR, maybe it will let me debug large chip without a license

In IAR I used to bring up the debug window and manipulated the registers directly

I don’t know if that is possible in STM32cube

I like visualGDB in visual studio, it is a paid tool though.

there is also for VSCode.

gdb isn’t the greatest debugger though, so i definitely prefer using IAR or Keil MDK and they both have gui style manipulators.