DaveD's Build Log


Hey Guys,

My name is Dave, and I am currently a Linux Application Support Engineer for a major Options Trading firm. Linux Support is where I got my ‘real’ start in the world of corporate IT, and I’ve transitioned into more of a Python scripting role since then. I’ve been building my own PC’s for the last 5 yrs or so, have dabbled in many different aspects of the software side of IT (coding/admin mostly), and am now very much looking forward to diving into more of the hardware aspects!

I enrolled in the Journeyman CE course with many different aspirations, so it is a bit difficult to set my expectations on a particular build at present. However, I think I’d like to follow the beaten path with what seems to be the ‘hello world’ project in the electronics engineering world, the DIY Bench Power Supply. I feel this will provide the footing I’ll need to gain knowledge, confidence, and support throughout my journey towards a more advanced project, perhaps a 3D printer assembly.

I am looking forward to being a valuable member of the community, as well as learning from everyone I can. Hopefully we can help each other with our respective journey’s and watch our skill sets and knowledge levels grow together. Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback, and critique my work/progress as I go along. Once I gain a decent footing here on the forum, I fully expect to do my part and participate in a productive manner.


Oh, I should probably provide some info on my setup so far, in case anyone is curious.

(Primary) Weller WES51 Soldering Station
(Backup) Velleman VTSS5U Soldering Station
(Primary) Extech EX330 DMM
(Backup) Centech 61593 DMM (harbor freight)
“Plugable” USB Microscope (decently reliable 720p)
Standard hand tools (tweezers, pliers, side cutters, manual magnification, etc)
(some harbor freight brand) 2.5" vacuum vise - 360 degree rotation

Just purchased a Tektronix 466 Oscilloscope from Ebay, picking it up tomorrow. Still need a function generator, and maybe some other things I am forgetting at present.


Welcome Dave! I like the idea of building a power supply. That’s a fantastic way to get started and it’s something practical that you can use often with other projects.


Welcome Dave! Glad to see you posted your gear too. That’s exciting about the new scope!