Darshan Hiranandani : Anyone use raspberry pi to learn python here?

Hi, I’m Darshan Hiranandani, I am a beginner to the raspberry pi, anyone has good suggestions about good starter kit for learning raspberry pi?

Hi @rikex33021,

I guess it depends on what you’re hoping to do. Considering the Raspberry Pi is just a computer, you really don’t need a Pi to learn Python. There are a number of good free resources out there to get you started, such as https://www.learnpython.org/ or Learn Python 3 | Codecademy. All of those you can do from any computer.

If you are hoping to control hardware (LEDs, motors, sensors, etc.) from Python, then you might want to use a Raspberry Pi with something like CircuitPython (Adafruit’s subset of Python targeted at embedded hardware). You’ll probably want to start with a guide like this: How To Use CircuitPython on a Raspberry Pi | Tom's Hardware

My recommendation is to learn the basics of Python first (on your computer, no need for a Raspberry Pi), then jump into the embedded side on the Pi to control hardware.