Current Flow in an (AC) RC Circuit (Low Pass Filter)

@kvk perfect; thanks that’s what I was after… I always read before asking - in this case I clearly started further down the path than I was ready for and am backtracking as far as needed (to be honest I have a thread in my notes on what is voltage? as I always pictured it as a pushing force, rather than a difference in energy which was a clear misconception… and hence I am asking myself what else have i missed!)

it needs not be said, I am not sure what happened over the last 15 years since I left college! but if you don’t use it, you forget it? or as a 21 year old I just accepted everything i was told and focussed on telling the teacher what they wanted to hear and passing the exam!

@kvk - thanks once again, am reading the references - but in the meantime I want to point out this section from the “Essential Guide to Power Supplies”

this is a good example of texts which gloss over topics! :slight_smile:

the section on Legislation though is fantastic!

i suspect this is a good example of “the more you know, the less you know” - but thanks again, ill keep reading