CSOS Sketchplanation

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How a constant current sink works when an op amp and sense resistor is involved.

Hey Chris,

I’m in the apprentice program, finding in hard to figure out how to get at the good stuff. In this video you talk about op amps and the Benchbuddy. You advise to go and read up on op amps on the concept pages. Where can I find these?



Agreed, I’m having the same issue. It’s kinda hard to figure out which project to start with ETC. He seems to mention a lot of resources that I can no longer find…kinda difficult without the context. I was able to use different resources to learn a bit more about Op-Amps, but I wish this “Apprenticeship” was a little more self-contained.

Link to Op-Amp Video

Hey Julian (and Leon, since I never responded on here), I’m sorry to hear about that! Some of the references you’re talking about are a carryover from the old site (https://legacy.contextualelectronics.com). In the short term, the best solution I can give you is to create a login on that site. Would that help?

In the longer term I’ll be re-recording some of these videos to indeed be more self contained. I’ll audit the videos that are on here right now, as it’s been a while since i watched these videos and try to rectify any references that are awry.

Cool! That should probably help a bunch :slight_smile:

Looking forward to all the new content!

Cool, sent you an email with your login info.

If any CE members find this message later, the same offer stands.