Creating The Layout

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At 5:59 the Design Rules are entered for “OSH Park Minimums”. The 0.006" for the track width and clearance is clear. But the minimum drill size is now 0.010" and the annular ring is 0.005". Would this make the minimum possible via size 0.020"?

Hrm I may have made the video like that, but I surely didn’t send it off like that (would have errored out). For OSHpark, my go-to is 0.013 mil drill and 0.007 annular ring (0.027 total width)

Thanks @ChrisGammell, Your video is as you stated - 0.013" minimum hole and 0.027" via size - which is what I have been using as a default too. It just looks like on the latest OSH Park specs, the hole can be 0.010". If I am understanding the “Annular Ring” measurement, this means OSH Park can support vias down to 0.020".

I guess this was question was a bit unnecessary in that we are talking minimums. This means that 0.013" minimum hole and 0.027" via size will always work… It just tests my understanding of the “Annular Ring” measurement.

Ah, I am working with outdated info, I see now

Yes, these new specs mean 20 mil overall will work. A reminder that you don’t NEED to go to the minimum specs, but it’s nice to have as you do more and more complicated layouts. Most people starting with GTB will not need these.

Rule of thumb: only use the process minimum when you need it.