Creating The CSOS Heatsink Footprint


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How to read a datasheet and derive dimensions of a footprint. How to precisely create footprints using coordinates. How to place the footprint into the layout. “Creating The CSOS Heatsink Footprint” Commits Commit Before Commit After


If you reduced the top of the heat sink footprint by about 25 mill the board size could be significantly smaller and save money on the board manufacturing. Some the heat sink fins would thus be exposed to greater air flow. Other than geater structural risk from something knocking the exposed fins, is there some downside I am missing?


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So you’re saying to have the heatsink fins over the side of the board? It’s definitely possible, but these kinds of heatsinks aren’t necessarily on the edge of the board, they might be in the middle of the board. I would think it’d be better to maintain the footprint so you have an idea of where the part is (so a component is not placed underneath) and then potentially hang it over the edge.