Creating A New Library And Footprint

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Here are some of the links used in these videos:

Hey Chris, in the “Creating A New Library And Footprint” video, I noticed at 0:48 you already have the 7555 chip in the Pcbnew viewer. I don’t remember you going over how to load that or generate it in this part of Kicad. Can you go over that?

Never mind. I noticed in the next video, you went over it. I suggest switching the order of the two for clarity’s sake. Thank you. You do a fantastic job with these videos.

I can confirm that the two topics ‘Creating A New Library And Footprint’ and ‘Library Setup and Part Association’ seem to be around the wrong way.

In addition, I don’t seem to be able to click from the project pages to the forum links. I get 404 Error at the URL ‘

Hunh, seems like a plugin issue, since that is an odd looking link. Thanks for the heads up!

Just fixed it, thank you!

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