CR123A Battery Problem

Hi, I have a question now.
Why don’t the CR123a batteries I got from work fit my gunlight and small maglight style pocket light I have? They seem to wide. They don’t fit in the tube. Don’t the CR123’s and the CR123a’s have the same diameter and length?
The blog I have read.
So if you can give me some clues to continue my work, please.
Thanks in advance.

They should be the same

Cheap Chinese batteries that are out of spec?

Not sure if this I’d what you’re talking about as you said width but maybe relevant - It’s quite common with some types (e.g. 18650 I had more experience with) for rechargeable ones to be the same size cell but protected ones have a thin PCB on the end, so different manufacturers can be several mm difference.

Even besides some manufacturers may just not stick to spec that we’ll.