Contextual Electronics now offers one week free

We used to have a mailing list where we had a “free course”. This was great for helping people stay motivated…if they liked emails coming every day. But not everyone did, so we’re trying a new experiment.

All Contextual Electronics subscriptions are free for the first week.

This means you can try out CE risk free for that first week. You have access to everything at your chosen level and you can dive in and view as much content as you like. And there is A LOT. The most recent Contextual Electronics course has 85 videos, and growing. The number of videos isn’t a measure of “goodness”, of course, but we have many satisfied customers who have learned electronics by taking our courses. You can also view the legacy content on the site. See the Projects page to see some of the other courses.

If you aren’t a fan, you can cancel within the one week window using our easy self-service option under My Account / Subscriptions (only visible if you have a login). From there, cancellation, upgrading, or downgrading is easy.

So try it out! And share your electronics learning journey here on the forum when you do.