Consulting Project RFP: Tiny SDR?

Hello All-

I was referred here by Shawn Hymel. I am looking to find an electronics engineer who would potentially be interested in a paid contract design project for a startup I am bootstrapping at the moment. Apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum category.

Essentially, the first thing I am trying to establish is what the current state-of-art would be for the tiniest possible form factor, full duplex, software defined radio (target frequency range: ~100MHz - 1GHz) and tunable antenna to see the practical realities and if it would fit in my required product design envelop so to speak.

I sincerely welcome any and all feedback about the practicalities of this from all the accumulated wisdom on here, and if it seems potentially tractable, a fun paid design project for someone.

Thanks all,

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Hi John,

Welcome! I have posted a link to this thread in the #consulting area of the forum (where the consultants often list this kind of topic) because it’s easy to miss this kind of post in #general-electronics. I realise you don’t have #consulting access so did the link post for you. Hope you get some feedback soon!