Component Alternative(s)

I was wondering if I could get some help finding an alternative for a component. I’ve searched all the major distributors, but couldn’t find anything. But maybe there is something that’s not under the same category?

The component is a MC33879TEK. It’s being used as a semi-configurable (using jumper resistors) to allow for active high or active low digital outs. Ideally without a board revision, but software change (SPI address, etc) should be okay.

I see that there used to be a MC33879APEK, but that’s been discontinued and there doesn’t seem to be any stock of the TEK in western suppliers. There’s some hesitation to source from some of the Chinese suppliers listed on Octopart unfortunately. Has anyone purchased parts from them with positive results?


As a side note, should we make this a generic thread for sourcing of hard to find alternatives?