Commonly asked C programming questions in an interview for a position of Embedded Software Developer?

Hello everyone, I have been self learning C(and to work with MCU) from last 3 months to switch my career into Embedded Software Development, I have technical interview on Monday for position of Jr Embedded Software Developer, I am excited and frightened at the same time , let me know if anyone know some resources on commonly asked C programming questions and wish me luck !

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  1. Something on pointer use (perhaps classic pointers to functions to build dev cli for debugging drivers)
  2. General question on how to bring up a new hardware platform

From a recent Reddit thread, I compiled some general problems I’ve been asked and asked:

  • Implement aligned_malloc/aligned_free. I have an implementation walkthrough you can study: Generating Aligned Memory - Embedded Artistry
  • General questions about pointers (implementing offset_of/container_of is a common question)
  • Determining whether two rectangles overlap (basic conditional logic problem)
  • Explain how DMA works
  • Explain how caches work
  • Root cause some electrical problem and apply a software fix (e.g., speaker makes a popping noise when the product boots, something that requires you to apply a filter)
  • Bad C analysis. I wrote this post on the question from the perspective of how I used it in interviews.