Cleanup of power input

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In this video, Chris looks at the power input and chooses diodes to have two different power sources feed into the battery management solution. Links we discussed in this video: Schottky diodes ABC Block Diagram v10 Some of the topics covered: What does the power input look like when we have a DC barrel jack,…

Did you consider going without the diodes? I appreciate they are the foolproof / safest way to go, but I notice that raspberry pi have stopped using them in their more recent boards. I assume they have done their research when they say:

from github HAT design guide:
NOTE that the Raspberry Pi 3B+, 4B, Zero and ZeroW do not include an input ZVD. The micro-USB input on a Pi is expected to / almost universally is driven by a power source which does not sink current, i.e. it will not try to actively pull down a voltage higher than its regulated voltage.

I guess you may still want one on the barrel jack / HVin connection, even if you go without on the microUSB.