Certification Process (potential lesson or podcast)

Hi @ChrisGammell

I am wondering if you have plans in the ABC course to do something with regards to certification in the ABC course. I understand that doing the certification might not be possible as it’s very time consuming and expensive, however at the very least it might be an interesting PodCast episode to have someone from a test house come in and talk about the process of having a project like the ABC certified.

the ABC is a perfect project in my eyes as it covers basic electrical safety certification, emissions certification, usage of pre-certified components, RoHS, WEEE, RED, cellular network certification. It has components that are not RF, but will have emissions, such as power regulators and the MPU.

(if this has been discussed previously, my sincerest appologies!)


P.S hope everyone in the CE community and their family and friends are safe and healthy

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Certification course is a good idea

When I think back to the courses we had at engineering school, I do not know why they did not teach:

Product compliance (certification)
Time estimation
Cost estimation
Know your customer

That would have been so much more relevant than learning smith charts

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oh, smith charts?, now you’re triggering my PTSD! with the exception of Product Compliance, my EE course actually, in it’s final year, included a subject “Engineering Management” which covered some of the things you mention, but yes, i can agree that they are grossly underestimated in their utility in the real world - the non-engineering parts of the job are not always the most glamorous (or fun?) but applying process retrospectively or dealing with a complex project ad-hoc is a nightmare (in my experience)

but, again, as i’ve said previously, the beauty of Contextual Electronics is that it puts it in context and the things we talk about here are best dealt with, in context, and the ABC is such a perfect project for that as it covers so many areas, like those you mention - and @ChrisGammell taking this project from requirement spec through is what makes it such a great learning tool (i’m sure we can shoe-horn in a smith chart if we want to look at the RF components in closer details :wink:)

Update: @scott.xentronics will be doing a webinar soon “Navigating EMC Compliance from Design to Manufacturing” which you can register for here https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/267308

(Saw the post on LinkedIn, figured I should add it here due to the context and turns out Scott is in here)

Also of note, Robert Feranec seems to be planning a video on EMC as well, so keep an eye out for that

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Thanks @ClubmanPlus850!

Do you think it is worth me sharing this event on the forum, on another independent post?

I have been on the forum for about ~1 year now, but am a bit of a lurker as I spent last year just being as independent as possible, working too much, and having a bit of imposter syndrome, so I’ve never really posted much here.

I think it’s worth me doing a post, as some people may learn a few things.
I’ve also even done custom “Bad” and “Good” PCB layouts + real chamber measurements to demonstrate some principles.

But, keen to hear what you think?

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@scott.xentronics - first up I’m an ex-pat aussie living in Sweden, so thumbs up on the home town hero!

Secondly, maybe good to fork a new thread that keeps the content relevant to your topic and link to it from here for continuity

I’m personally in the “knows enough to be dangerous” camp and am in need of upping my game on certification - especially EMC in the embedded cellular world; so I’m very much looking forward to the talk, Robert’s looks like it will be in depth as always but I think Chris ABC project could have a good introductory angle as well - at the end of the day they are lo extremely valuable - having a thread here to discuss your preso will also be a plus

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@scott.xentronics - how was the webinar this morning? i missed it unfortunately due to it being 4am here in Sweden (poor excuse?!) - was it recorded though?

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@ClubmanPlus850 It went great. You can watch the webinar here, thanks.