CEP014 - Moving to KiCad V6 with Jon Evans

Originally published at: https://contextualelectronics.com/cep014-moving-to-kicad-v6-with-jon-evans/

Welcome, Jon Evans of the KiCad project! Jon Evans is a longtime developer on the KiCad project and practicing EE at Formlabs. He joins Chris to talk about the future of KiCad, including features that are coming in V6. Show Notes 0:00 Introduction 2:15 Making changes to the platform 4:00 History of the codebase –…


Just curious - does FormLabs use Kicad in their production flow?

(I interviewed there many years ago but seem to recall they use Altium day to day.)

I believe they still use Altium. I remember talking to Jon about Altium in the past and he seemed to know the program well.