CEP003 - A Hardware Design Review with Erik Larson

Originally published at: https://contextualelectronics.com/cep003-a-hardware-design-review-with-erik-larson/

Today we’re talking with, Erik Larson, who is a firmware engineer with some interesting background! He joins Chris to review the Advanced BLE-Cell (ABC) board, which is also a new course on Contextual Electronics. Erik has worked at places like Honeywell Aerospace, Apriva and Hologram (where he and Chris met). Erik is now a full…

I’m not seeing these show up in Overcast. Something isn’t propagating somewhere. All I see is the “Five minute Topics”

OK, that might take a couple hours for the feed to propagate. I’m not sure how long it will take for them to show up there. I’ll resubmit them to make sure, but then will take a look tomorrow.

Update: the Overcast page says it takes a day or two to propagate: https://overcast.fm/podcasterinfo

I’m guessing if they’re scraping iTunes, they are limited to how often they can update.

I couldn’t find it via search through PodcastRepublic either, but it had no problems with me adding the feed URL manually.
(contextualelectronics.com/feed/podcast/ worked for me)

Good to know, thank you for the feedback! Given that The Amp Hour has shown up in a lot of places I’m CERTAIN I never submitted it, I’m pretty sure the podcast apps all pilfer from one another, and it will eventually make it there from iTunes, Spotify, etc. Thank you for adding it manually and sharing the link!

Is there are video version? The link appears to be missing on the forum post.

Yep, there’s a video version linked on the episode page, it didn’t come through on the post above (which happens automatically) because it’s an embedded video:

Also, it looks like Overcast has updated now, @rich

Plugged the URL into Radio Public, all downloaded!
Thanks Chris.