CE Header Footprint

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I discovered the issue with my voltage sensor that is using the CE_Header. I modeled the header on the back side of the board. It was silly of my not to notice but it throws out the pin allocations (see the picture below) when I came to place the sensor board onto the Teency adaptor… This did not occur for the Teency Adapter and the original Sensor board because they are both modeled on the top-side - even though the pin header on the sensor board is mounted bottom-side.

I have since soldered the CE_Header on the top-side for my project and now the Teency is working fine.

I can see there are two options:

  • Model a second footprint for bottom side copper
  • to give cleaner 3D Views and have the silkscreen markings on the correct side.
  • Remember to couple the CE Header top-side only on both boards that are to be connected.
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OK I worked it out. Obvious really. There needs to be an accompanying Socket for the Header
So that when they are on separate boards, facing each other, the pins will match.

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