Brandon Satrom Build Log


Hello world!

My name is Brandon. I’ve been a technology professional for nearly 18 years. Most of my career has been in the software world, and I’ve worked as a developer, architect, evangelist and Product Manager in that time.

In the last half-dozen years, I worked for Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist, then Telerik, where I worked as a Product Manager and led product teams, all of which were focused on building tools designed to help developers get their jobs done, faster.

In parallel to all of this, I’ve spent the last 4-ish years as a self-taught maker and tinkerer. I also have a deep passion for Maker/STEM education, and started a maker ed publishing company last year. Our focus is introducing kids to electronics through stories, and we launched our first book via Kickstarter, which just started shipping last month.

I decided to join Contextual Electronics to level-up my electronics education. I look forward to interaction with everyone online!


Thanks for your summary, it sold a book for you. Anxious to read and share with my grandaughters as well as the makerspace that I created in Lancaster, PA, the local hands-on museum for kids, and during kindergarten visits with the school that I teach at. I wish you luck continuing on with this adventure.


Bruce Schreiner
Electronic Engineering Technology Professor / Makerspace Co-founder
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology / make717 / make717 /
1100 East Orange Street
Lancaster, PA. 17602


Dang Bruce, that’s quite a signature! :smiley:

That book looks wonderful, I’ll have to get it for my nephews as well! Welcome to the course Brandon!


Wow, thanks Bruce! I look forward to hearing what you think about the book!


Thanks Chris, excited to be here and to jump in!


Where are people seeing the book information?


Hey Brooke, Bruce found the book on Amazon on his own. It’s also on our Shopify site, with some variants.

I didn’t want to be too sales-y, so I excluded a link from my original post. :smiley:


No worries, Brandon. Once you mentioned the book you might as well link to it so we can check it out. We are a curious bunch. The illustrations look very fun. Thanks for sharing.


Yes please give us the link. I have two grandsons that I would love to
get started in electronics.


That’s awesome! Here’s the Amazon version: We also have a bundle on our site that includes a component kit and guidebook kids can use to dive deeper into the circuit and basic components:


Got my gear from DigiKey and boards from OSHPark, so I was able to finish Getting to Blinky last night. Here are a few pics of the final result…

Next up is finishing Shine On Your Crazy KiCad (had to re-do the PCBs due to user error, which is why I’m a bit out of order) once the boards arrive.


Just finished up Shine On You Crazy KiCad. Pictures below. Now onto the main parts of the course!