Bittele / 7pcb for Mixed SMT/TH Assembly

Anyone have experience with this company?

They look legit, have excellent pricing, a nice range of services and a professional website, and I’m loving the fact that they have assembly plants in Canada as well as Shenzhen.

I have worked with Bittele on a past project. I was really helping another EE with tasks, so I didn’t have a ton of direct contact with them. However, when I was part of conversations they seemed pretty responsive.

Thanks, Chris!

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They contacted me to review their pcb assembly services in 2017. This was a board with a mix of through holes and surface mount components. They ran my design through a DFM check and discovered that I had the wrong footprint for an inductor so they asked me to correct that. Then they sourced the PCB and all the parts (Digikey) and started the assembly phase, the pick and place was done manually because of the low qty.

The board turned out superb and I liked the fact that there were very few questions from their side, they just knew what to do. I did not pay for their services but they said the cost was $336, with all NRE and setup charges.

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Used them a lot in my day job in the past. Reasonable pricing and quality, but timing was always very approximate- plus /minus a few weeks was typical on China made boards. They are moving more production to Canada due to tariffs though