Best way to replicate a circuit layout in KiCAD 6?

I have a KiCAD schematic that has a long chain of OPAMPs in a series string to form an 8 pole filter along with some other functions. There multiple instances of this analog “channel”. In the schematic I was able to draw one channel and then just copy and paste it a bunch of times to get an exact copy without having to redraw each channel by hand.

How can I best do this in the PCB layout so I don’t have to manually place and route each channel?

Is it as simple as doing a manual place and route on one channel and then literally copy and pasting the layout multiple times? The just go and change the REFDES of the pasted components to match what was in the schematic? Will the netlist be able to make this association on copy and paste components?

Perhaps there is another way I’ unaware of?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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You may want to use a hierarchical schematic (opamp + supporting parts that you want repeated on one .sch file, referenced by as many sheets as you want opamps) and then use Replicate Layout. In KiCAD 6 it should be in the plugin manager (although wasn’t finished last time I looked). In KiCAD 5 get it here GitHub - MitjaNemec/Kicad_action_plugins: Kicad action plugins


Here are a few discussions about this for KiCad6:


Thank you both… much appreciated!!

Unless the op-amps are identical AND each op-amp is in its own package, copy-and-paste is really not the best way to approach the PCB layout. You can certainly get single op-amps in individual packages (how we used to get them back when dinosaurs - and old farts like me - roamed the Earth), but you will be able to create a much more compact circuit layout with 1, 2, or 4 op-amps per package. As far as the schematic is concerned, a hierarchical approach is a good idea. KiCAD 6.0 handles forward/reverse annotation quite well, so even if you make changes in either the schematic or PCB layout you can easily get the changes reflected in the other.