Apply to be part of the Beta Consulting Course

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TL;DR: We are offering a new course on Contextual Electronics about how to “go pro” as a technical design consultant. Apply below to be part of the early access program. How To Create Electronics For A Living There are a few different paths towards creating electronics for a living: Get recruited by a company out…


@chris - I ran my own consulting company as a side venture to my main job (mostly focussing on software development, web, graphic design - but also IoT prototyping & training) - and still do; I would take work as my time permitted and in areas that interested me. Personal circumstances has meant that is not possible right now and I am occupied in my full time job. However I have had several years of consulting, both for myself and as a consultant. I have also experience in hiring consultants, training consultants and taking consultants to large scale assignments where the skills you talk about in this course are critical.

so whilst, i would love to return to being a consultant it’s not practical and so will not apply for the Beta. However if i may be of any use in reviewing material then i would be happy to do that to the best of my time and availability