Anyone use raspberry pi to learn python here?

I am a beginner to the raspberry pi, anyone has good suggestions about good starter kit for learning raspberry pi?

What is it you hope to do with the Raspberry Pi? Learning to use the Raspberry Pi is like learning to use any computer. If you’re looking to learn Python, you don’t really need a Pi for that–you can do it on your laptop or desktop. There are many good free sites that will help you learn Python:

If you’re specifically looking to read from sensors or build robots, I might recommend some of my old tutorials that dive into interacting with hardware using the Pi: Python Programming Tutorial: Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi -

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much! It is awesome, i just learn to built my projects, and learn the hardwares and sensors, i notice the ads about Crowpi L on the ads, but the raspverry pi price is high, is it worthwhile to buy one?

I honestly don’t think those laptop cases for the Pi are worthwhile, but it’s up to you if you want a portable Pi. I connect my Pi to an old monitor and use a Logitech K400 for keyboard and mouse. That setup is good enough for my needs.