Andrew Paton Build Log


Hi guys,

Hello World. My name is Andrew Paton. I live in Adelaide South Australia. I have joined Contextual Electronics to “do the hard stuff”. In the past, I have taught myself to etch PCBs with through hole components but the process is messy, and not very professional. I want to start using SMD components and I want to learn how to send out my gerbers for a professional house to make them. I want to learn how to use a reflow oven. More generally, I want to expand my electronics horizons. I look forward to being a part of the community.



Welcome Andrew. From your list of Wonnas, it sounds like you have come to the right place :slight_smile:


Welcome Andrew, this is definitely a place to get help with those questions. I hope the recent bike race in Adelaide and surroundings didn’t affect you too much. :slight_smile:


G’Day mate. No, the bike race is a highlight on the local calendar. The heat was more of an issue - we have been having day time temperatures in excess of 40 C in the shade : 50+ C on the road. I don’t know how those guys summon the strength to undertake those distances in the hot weather. The race just rolls along and doesn’t disturb local traffic much.