Analog Discovery 2


I am interested in learning to use AD2. Which course membership is best for this?


Work your way though these tutorials (links), they do a great job of explaining the functionality of the AD2

AD2 Help on Digilent’s Site



Do you already have the AD2? or are you looking to sign up for CE and get one as part of the deal and learn?


I am looking to sign up and get one - I don’t have one yet. I have a Sain Smart DS802 that I have been playing with and I want to upgrade and learn more about making and analyzing my own circuits.


Personally I think the AD2 bundle is an awesome deal and it sounds like the apprentice bundle would be the right place to start, but keep in mind the CE courses aren’t specifically geared to teaching all about the AD2, there is some of that but mostly it’s a tool to help you with the other content.