Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) Bundle no longer available?


A few months back when I last checked, it was possible to take advantage of the 3-month + AD2 bundle, unfortunately then I didn’t have the ability to dedicate any time to CE, but now I am freed up and I am diving into the courses head on. I signed up for the Apprenticeship level, and then remembered the AD2 offer - but I couldn’t find the page. Some googling later I find the announcement page:

but the links (both for Master and Apprentice) are not working - they are both “Page not found” - for example

And i don’t see anything in the store.

I did some searching through the Blog, the Forums but find no information that the offer is no longer available. I do find that the offer is available for existing members, but thats it. Digilent show the item as out of stock but they are filling back orders - is this why the offer has been taken down? will it be available again?

Not saying the AD2 is the only reason i signed up, but its a sure benefit!

I am by no means official word, but I have a feeling that your assumption is true. There was a huge shortage of AD2s for a while. If I remember correctly they were even fetching a decent upcharge on ebay. It is highly likely the option was removed because of the inability to procure devices for it.


according to we see

NOTE: We have begun fulfilling our back orders and have resumed taking POs with an earliest estimated delivery in November.

you can follow progress here:

where you find:

A note to our Academic customers who will be placing bulk orders : We are now operating on a first come first serve allocation model, and have already begun to receive orders for Spring term. If you are able to place a PO for Spring term at this time, we encourage you to do so. This is how you can get on the list. Our current lead time puts shipments in Nov/Dec.

At the same time, we are doing everything in our power to build enough units for Spring semester to meet the growing need. If you can estimate the number of units you’ll need for the spring semester, please fill out this form . We will use this to help guide the number of units we build, and how many we allocate to academia.

@ChrisGammell - is there anything that can be done? more than happy to wait (i have some other scopes etc hanging around - but was hoping to consolidate to a better quality, portable tool.

The deal was turned off because they had zero available stock. I can inquire about turning it back on, but we would not get any preferential order.

I really love the AD2, I’m hopeful Digilent gets their supply chain in order soon.

That’d be great if you could, mate! Here’s fingers crossed

Agilent had a form you could fill in with expected numbers - Would that help?