An Introduction to the EX330 DMM

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The EX330 DMM is the main handheld DMM we recommend for Contextual Electronics. This video is an introduction to some of the features and navigation of the turn-knob. Buy the EX330 here Watch Dave Jones (EEVblog) talk about $50 multimeters here

OK. The real skill demonstrated here is the ability to hold two probes and press the hold key. I struggle with that one too :slight_smile:

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That’s when I feel the most amateur-ish when working on electronics, it’s refreshing to see @ChrisGammell having the same problems.


Just one of the many services I provide: Being real. I’m the realest at being real around :smiley:

Next time I feel like an amateur now I’ll think “I’m not an amateur, I’m just being real… Just like Chris”


It might be useful to talk about precision. When it matters and when it does not. Also estimating so you know when a value either from markings or a calculator/meter are just wrong. I am a slide rule two places of decimal person who started using a calculator in 1973. I have a relaxed attitude to ‘accuracy’ and feel it often does not matter as long as things are ‘ball park’.