ALeggeUp's "Dusty Butter" PWM/Servo Driver Build Log


[bestLegoBatmanVoice] First Try! [/bestLegoBatmanVoice]

I haven’t built much lately, I have bought a lot of stuff from Adafruit to play around with but it’s not the same, just feels like more software which is what I do all day anyway.

I wanted to try something out for halloween and was just going to buy the PWM/Servo driver from Adafruit but the recent “Getting to Blinky 5.0” videos popping up in my YouTube feed got my juices flowing again so I decided to try to reproduce it with an incremental improvement for my needs and go from there.

I ended up messing up the footprint on the LDO part that I added, I used the pin numbers from one package but the footprint of a different package so I had to “deadbug” it was pretty tricky for me, but ended up working.


If we had a bodge badge around here, I would award it to you! :slight_smile:

Great job! It’s tough getting back into things, especially when there are delays between ordering things and getting stuff…it can be easy to get distracted. Glad to see the GTB videos inspired some more building!