AkronMacon Build Log

Hi, I’m AkronMacon!

I’m an electrical engineer originally from the land of the great Akron zeppelins. After graduating over a decade ago with a BSEE, I promptly went to sea as a deck officer on an exploration ship. Years later, after some excellent twists and turns in oceanography, I found a position to re-combine the electrical engineering with oceanography. The job was fun and challenging, but unfortunately didn’t seriously involve electrical design.

While I’ve worked on several personal projects (STM32F4 dev board, an STM32F4 Sensor board using micropython, and an HDMI switch breakout), I’m looking for some structure to my learning. Also, there was only a passing nod to embedded design back when I took my coursework.

I’m now at a new job where I am working alongside electrical design engineers, but the pace is fast, and I have a lot to re-learn.

I’m looking forward to structure and feedback as I work through the projects.


Hey AkronMacon, welcome!

That’s an interesting path, I imagine you’ll pick things up quicker than I did, I look forward to seeing what projects you come up with!

That’s a great background! Welcome to the forum and course!

Thank you for the welcome!

When I signed up for the course I realized I had a dormant forum account here from ~2 years ago.