A Presentation on Cables and Connectors


This presentation from the Hackaday Superconf gives a great overview of cables and connectors. A subject that is little talked about but can take up hours (for me at least) browsing across various suppliers to get the right ones. Bradley Gawthrop goes into the reasons why we should be making use of connectors more often! Plus some tips on the right tools to make the job easier.


Not just connectors! Wire is its own beast :slight_smile:

But yes, this was a great talk, by far one of my favorites!


Very true. I was focusing on the connectors as that was an area that was giving me trouble. Seaching for the pieces and bing sure they are compatible is not always easy - especially in other languages :slight_smile:


A lot of good tips in there. I really like the one about using bootlace ferrules for screw terminal connectors. I had never heard of those before this video.