7 unconnected (Blinky)

I’ve done my layout, made filled zones Ground on Front Cu and VDD on Back Cu.
I’ve added via for both VDD and GND but I still have 7 unconnected.

Obviously I’m missing something. Please could you guys pass an eye over the photos and tell me if anything pops out as glaringly wrong ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Steph,
Only looking at your layout and not considering the schematic … You have your Vdd on the back, which is OK, you still need to bring that to the front using Vias to connect up the pin 4 of U1 and pin 1of R1 and Pin 1 of D1. Here I struggle to explain how to create the Vias without the use of the hot keys. I have mine set up the same as @ChrisGammell whereby 1 = Front, 4 = back. So I would press 4 for Back plane, X to create a trace click on say VDD, draw a small trace and then press 1 to create the Via and continue the trace on the front plane.

Concerning D1 and D2, it looks like you might have them the wrong way around. Double check the symbol pins to footprint pins.

The trace for Pin 2 of R2 to Pin 6, U1 looks like it is not actually connected. The vertical trace does not look like it is actually reaching the horizontal trace. Zoom in on the connection between R2 and C1 and you might see what I mean.

Pin 1, R2 is missing the trace to Pin 7, U1.

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Hey @StephF, you’re almost there! I really like how you have the board laid out. Adding to what @Steve_Mayze said, Is the center pad of your battery connector connected to ground? You may have to attach a trace with a via from that center pad to connect it to the ground plane on the opposite side of the board.

Very well spotted where R2 is close but not properly connected to U1. You must have eagle eyesight :slight_smile
I think it would be helpful if @ChrisGammell could do a video about setting up those Via hot keys ?

I’ve checked the diodes and switched them in the schematic, saved new netlist and re-imported into Pcbnew, silly me.

One thing that might help @StephF, is using the OpenGL renderer for routing traces. It will dim everything but the pad(s) that the connection needs to go to and will also highlight some traces connected to the net too. It’s very nice as it serves as a double check on the net lines.

The OpenGL view does have ugly grid lines that you can’t get rid of, but overall I find it nicer than the Default canvas at this point. KiCAD V5 removes the grid lines and brings it to dots like the Default canvas too! You can get there from View > Switch Canvas to OpenGL or just hit F11. It might hang for a bit as it does the switch, but overall shouldn’t be an issue.

One thing to keep in mind with OpenGL when deleting traces, you can’t be in the trace tool. So you have to hit Esc, then DEL over the trace, then X to get back into trace mode. Also you have to be in the trace tool to use the drag feature (G). Here is an example of the trace highlighting:


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Yes, the battery holder is positive, and only contacts the top of the cell whereas the bottom of the cell makes contact with the board directly. The batt holder is a Keystone one that takes CR2032’s that I got from Rapid Electronics in the UK

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