I’m Tom, cofounder of farprobe.com, in the past, I served as a founder of both product and consulting companies, electric aircraft engineer, blockchain and energy trading specialist and… quite a generalist, since I come from an experimental physics background.

Originally hailing from Poland, though I’ve studied in Boston, and lived in London extensively until I met my wife and we decided to stay in Boston again after all. Both as a consultant, and for family reasons, I travel frequently, but since I really enjoy working on hardware projects, I needed a way to make it remote. Cue… FarProbe.

FarProbe is a tool to enable electronics education, development and testing to happen remotely. We start with a humble logic analyzer, but plan to expand to other test equipment and bring the hybrid work to the world of electronics.

Privately, I’m a (private) pilot, avid hiker and explorer of post-industrial artifacts, whether in Pittsburgh, Suez or Pripyat.

Check me out on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszmloduchowski/