Try it at home!


Here at Contextual Electronics, we put all of our designs onto GitHub. This allows for sharing and openness in the final product of what we make. The value that members of CE are paying for is seeing how it’s made and the decisions behind the design; this allows them to create designs of their own in the future.

But some people only like the final piece of the puzzle. They just want to practice doing layout, for instance. So I took a previous design and created a branch so that someone can come in and try the layout for themselves:

You can either directly download the files from that branch (you should see a file that’s called “”)

If you are working from the command line and git, use the following commands:

git clone
git checkout TryItAtHome

You should then see the files in whatever directory you cloned into. Open the layout and start shuffling stuff around and doing layout! I kept the original board outline in there to give a feel for the size of board we created, but it’s not required. Then you can either download the original files or switch to the master branch to see how we did it in the course.

As a final thought: people who are just interested in doing layout might have problems because they are missing the piece that we strive for…context. You know R1 is supposed to hook to R2, sure. But this will be more of an exercise of hooking pins together on the layout more than the theory of why they are being hooked together. If you’re interested in trying out the course, the Current Sink Or Swim project is part of the Apprentice, Journeyman and Master subscriptions to Contextual Electronics:

Respond below with an image of your layout if you try this out!