Seeking advice on selecting an antenna for wireless modules

Ah! Yeah, I do this too. What I was responding to had me in an RF PCB mindset, and that’s a bit different case. Even so, I often do something similar with RF. I’m sitting here digging through a ziploc full of SMA jumpers to string together some connectorized modules to make a measurement. I’ll often sim stuff first where I have the tools to get past the egregious logic errors and oversights, but have a lot of elephant’s nest concept proofs as well.

I have a friend who’s best described as an “antenna whisperer.” He’ll do the occasional sim, but mostly he will bodge something together, or do a quick PCB and trim and tweak that. He claims (and I’ve witnessed) he can usually do that and have results before the first sim is complete. He’s not a hacker - he just has such a good intuitive understanding of what’s going on that he doesn’t get much added value from the sims.


Yup, though I think the legend has grown a lot with the telling. I’m dating myself, but I’ve actually repaired a Muntz TV though they were mostly out of the TV manufacturing business by then. Madman Muntz was undeniably a character though. I think Muntz Stereo still has stores in the LA area.

Man, this thread has drifted. Shutting up now sir.


If you mount an Esp32 module you need to place the antenna portion so that nothing is below that area (description in the datasheet provided)