Matt's Build Log


Thank you both @jonthomasson and @ChrisGammell for these tips; they’re very worthwhile for me… My iron isn’t the top of the line, but at least it has a temperature selector. The solder wire is 0.6mm and has a rosin core, and it’s lead-free and it’s broken down like this: Sn 99%, Ag 0.7%, Cu 0.3%. I am going through the CSOS course now and am awaiting my GTB Oshpark order, so I’ll have plenty of practice in the next few weeks.


What temperature were you using? I was cursing lead-free solder until I found that it needed a higher temperature (and then continued to curse it anyway).


Around 375°C. Which seems low, now that I’m googling it.


Well, no, that seems okay.