KiCad 5.0 Videos


I don’t think this is the right place to ask this question. A better place would be the kicad forum (if you think this already exists but you did not find it) or the bug tracker (for requesting features.)


Love the new video series, keep it up! How about one on how to do custom silk screen items? I’ve noticed your logo in some of your boards and would appreciate a walk-through on how to do something similar :slight_smile:

Also, on the topic of GIT integration – have a look at GitKraken! Wow, it’s pretty awesome for having a consistent Git(hub) experience between Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. Using a GUI for this is tons better and it’s a great (free) tool. I’ve only been using it for a few hours, so I could be missing something


Not a video but till there is one you can look at this:
(I think this was demonstrated at fosdem so there might be a video out there on the fosdem website.)


@ChrisGammell, If you have not touched on it already, I have been using the Align/Distribute menu items for a recent board. It was a great help to get things in line and even. I had not noticed this in the previous release (or I was not looking in the right spot).

This could be one of your KiCad Two-Minute-Topics.

… I also use the “Create Array” for Via stitching.


I was wondering if there could be a video on setting up DRC in PCBnew. I was looking around last night and couldn’t really see a good overview of what all of my rules were. In particular track to pad, solder mask expansion, pad to pad, and fill clearance settings.

As much as I dislike Altium (I use it at work), I feel like it has a better DRC interface for both setting them and then if they should be used in the project or not.

Overall, it Altium provides me with more confidence that the board passes DRC since I can see all of the different rules in one place. This is likely just due to the fact that I don’t know where everything is in KiCAD.


Great topics! I’ll add them to the list!


This one is for you @Steve_Mayze:

Still working on the DRC video @ScottS


Just saw it. Thanks :slight_smile:


No rush… it’s not like I’m waiting on you or anything! :wink:

JKJK, Take your time. I think I’ve finished my four layer version, but I’m thinking I might try a 2 layer layout to bring the cost down. Haven’t decided yet.


@ChrisGammell Looks like you are going to have to start the whole series over again with the release of 5.1!

hahahahaha. Although I have to say that I’m loving some of the new dialog boxes. Particularly the component properties in EESchema and the board options in PCBnew.