KiCad 5.0 Videos


This thread will be used to request videos about particular features in KiCad 5.0. Please respond with the video you’d like to see. If you want an update to a previous KiCad video on YouTube, please include the link to that video.


Library management is a topic that comes up often.

  • The differences
  • Migrating an existing library
  • Best practice going forward

(sounds like a good topic for KiCON :slight_smile: )


Symbol library editor has been completely redesigned in version 5, so I would like a video about it.


No work needed :wink: Kicad 5 can use all kicad 4 libs normally. (The other way round is not always possible as kicad 5 has more features.)

If you mean migrating a project then this is a different story. Here one needs to use the remap process. I wrote some detailed tutorials about that over at the kicad forum:

Or do you mean the troubles that can arrive from the fact that the official library changed quite a bit coupled with the fact that kicad 4 used the github plugin by default? (Updating kicad does not update your personal config. This creates inconsistencies for the user. Noticeable by having no 3d models for your footprints and your symbols pointing to non existing footprints.)

Most important part of this should be “Never modify system libraries, Never place your own libs inside the system folders”

I would further refrain from the use of path variables unless one needs to share the fp-lib-tables directly with others. (It is easier to tell everone who needs your library setup to manually add the libs using the library managers. Path variables are very powerful but also very hard to understand for many users.)

The only path variable a normal user will need to use is the KIPRJMOD variable if they have project local libs. Maybe also a MY_3d_models variable to be able to point to personal 3d models as they are sadly not managed by library tables.


You might want to hold of a bit and go directly to version 5.1.
It has massive changes to the user interface compared to version 5.0 and would therefore render your work obsolete quite quickly.

By the way if you ever have questions while making such a tutorial feel free to contact me either via the forum or by mail. (I would however suggest the kicad forum as i rarely visit this one.)


Took me a bit longer than planned but now i have an article about library management in general.


Library management still feels a bit disorganized to me. I’d really like to see more from them on organizing the footprints in the future. So maybe something around best practices for symbol and footprint libraries?

Also, I’m not seeing the option to right-click and spread out the footprints in a new PCB layout. :man_shrugging:

It could be entertaining to see a video on auto-routing and reasonable ways to use it.

I have to say that I started out from zero, I’m a hobbyist at best, and feel very comfortable with KiCad and designing my own circuits and PCBs now. This courseware has been fantastic!


This should no longer be necessary as the update from schematic tool already spreads out your footprints. (Grouped by sheet)

There are plans to bring back the “optimize placement tool”. (Or maybe even implement a better version of it.) But i am not sure if this got finished for 5.1 or if this is something that needs to wait for version 6. (If it has been added then i do not know how to activate it.)

KiCad no longer has an internal autorouter.