Handling No Fit Components in Designs


SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! I’ll try an export to a stupid template with just formulas and no macros. Maybe that will help. Otherwise, not sure what to do.

@mightyohm I’ll keep this idea in my back pocket. Not sure I want to mess around with variants at the moment. Especially on mostly completed projects. It’s not a bad way to do it though.

@rclott I don’t disagree with this, but I’m not sure it really fits what we do here, mostly because we don’t do that kind of variant of PCBs. At the moment we have a disconnect between electronics (just me) and the rest of the engineering at the company. We use Windchill for the MCAD repository and while I think Altium does have a plugin for it, we’ve just been using SVN for the ECAD data. We do track the drawing versions (which are the MCAD/ECAD drawings), but there aren’t variants of drawings, just revisions. Not sure if this explains anything or if I’m just speaking gibberish to be honest. :sweat_smile:

Most of the reasons we have no fits on the boards in the first place was in case the correct components could not be purchased in time and we needed a different component with a different footprint. which… … … I lost the plot. … :upside_down_face:


Every project starts with a default variant, so if you open the variants panel you should see one already set up.
You can just create a new one and de-populate any DNP components from the list. I’ve been using variants for years and have never had an issue.


@mightyohm I’ll have to look into that when I have more time then!

But now, it’s time for the weekend to start! And maybe I’ll get some of my own projects set up properly!