Christian Tenllado's build log


Well, yes, I used a small ground plane for the photoresitor, as the plan was using ADCs to read the voltage, just to isolate it a little bit from the digital temperature sensor above (U2). Both planes are joined at one place, just to the left of the R8 label. I thought this was convenient, but of course I am not sure. I would appreciate if you can tell me if this was just over thinking the layout and it does not make much sense or whatever you see about it. It would help me to learn from the experience.


I was a bit busy last weeks and I could not spend much time on CE. All I did is building my modified version of the shine on you crazy kicad board. I builded the three boards and tested that they actually work. My soldering was not very good, but I am happy to see the boards working.

I uploaded a video to youtube showing the test on the board. A simple bash script using the gpio command makes the two leds blink and the blinking stops if I push one of the buttons. This way I tested that I can read a digital pin from the buttons and write to the digital pins connected to the leds.

Great experience.