Brad Fernandez Build Log


Hello good people,
I have been working hard on my Power Swap project. I have finished my layout and I ordered my stencils and PCB. I have received all the parts for my Current Sink. The pile of parts laid out on my desk just makes me smile! Only need the PCB and I’ll be able to assemble that. Now I’m finishing the assembly videos for Power swap buck-boost. I just need to order my parts for the power swap buck-boost. I had to do a few changes due to the parts being obsolete, so I had to choose a different one which actually had a standard footprint. Which obviously simplified things for me. Then on top of that the new version on Kicad had all the footprints already so I didn’t need to make those footprints. I did make the custom footprints for the via stitching though. The updated data sheets for the TPS63030 were much improved compared to the ones in the video. Also, my wonderful wife got me a new book I’ve been mentioning but didn’t want to spring the dough on! She’s the best! Pics below.



The book is a good read. Happy soldering!


I found that there is a new “Via” tool on the 5.0 pallet. That, with the array function simplifies the via stitching a bit. It is still good practice to do it by hand, to be able to know how to manually assign a net to a pad.


Alright I got some work in today! Here is my final layout for the PowerSwapV2 board. I have not watched the actual videos for the PowerSwapV2 so its possible I’m way off but going by the web bench and data sheets this is what I came up with. I am going to open it up for criticism and I will watch those videos next. If I’m not to off target I will order the parts and stencil tomorrow.


Ok I finished up the videos for PowerSwap V2. Here is my Board after some changes I made due to the videos. Everything is ordered. Now we wait. I’ll let you guys know how testing goes.