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Simulation Revision Control These skills relate to using revision control for your hardware and software projects. We primarily use Git throughout the process of CE. Test Equipment This category is about test equipment skills. This will cover much of the standard equipment and measurement techniques of the low cost tools used throughout Contextual Electronics. Board Assembly Posts in this category relate to the "skills" section of Contextual Electronics, specifically the board assembly skills. These are split out from the category of "soldering" because that is a standalone skill. Posts here would be about doing more in-depth tasks like board reflow, using a stencil and doing DfM for your projects. How To Read A Schematic This is a short skills course for those just getting started. Schematics can be tricky to look at, depending on your experience with them. These videos are made with Michael from <a href="">Programming Electronics Academy (PEA)</a>, another online course targeted at people looking to learn programming on the popular Arduino platform.
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