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Getting To Blinky Getting to Blinky 4.0 is a short video series introducing the key concepts of using the open source ecad software KiCad. You will be building a small blinking board to cover each of these concepts. CE Header The “CE Header” is a generic header that makes any development board or breakout board into an instantly “connected” device. It is a simple abstraction of offerings that most small microcontroller development platforms have, such as the Arduino or the BeagleBoneBlack. In cases where there is not a requisite feature, add-on logic will be added to make it compatible. Power Swap The power swap module is a range of videos about choosing switching regulators for converting from one voltage to another. There are some advanced topics around inductors, capacitors and mosfets. Current Sink Or Swim This category is for the CSOS project, which was originally part of CE v2.0. It's a standalone current sink, including descriptions on how to design and construct the board.
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Library Setup and Part Association [Getting To Blinky] (13)
Creating The Layout [Getting To Blinky] (6)
SPICE simulation [Getting To Blinky] (7)
Power Swap v2 Boost Layout Part 2 [Power Swap] (4)
Ordering Parts [Getting To Blinky] (3)
Finishing The Schematic [Getting To Blinky] (6)
Creating A New Library And Footprint [Getting To Blinky] (6)
Sensor Board Association ( 2 ) [CE Header] (22)
Starting Arduino code for the sensor board [CE Header] (5)
Teensy Breakout Layout [CE Header] (12)
CSOS Sketchplanation [Current Sink Or Swim] (6)
I2C Temp Sensor [CE Header] (4)
Shift Register Experiments [CE Header] (1)
LDR Analog Input [CE Header] (1)
Serial Shift Out [CE Header] (1)
Creating Schematic Symbols [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Building Blinky [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Generating Gerbers and Ordering Boards [Getting To Blinky] (1)
CE Header Footprint [CE Header] (3)
Sensor Board Temp Sensor Symbol [CE Header] (1)
Sensor Board Introduction [CE Header] (1)
Sensor Board Layout [CE Header] (1)
Teensy Breakout Association [CE Header] (1)
Viewing the Reload and (optionally) installing EAGLE [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Finding the Op Amp and Linear Regulator [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Teensy Breakout Schematic [CE Header] (2)
CE Header Schematic [CE Header] (4)
CSOS Build Preparations [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Ordering Caps And Resistors for CSOS [Current Sink Or Swim] (3)