Course Posts (Projects)

Getting To Blinky Getting to Blinky 4.0 is a short video series introducing the key concepts of using the open source ecad software KiCad. You will be building a small blinking board to cover each of these concepts.
CE Header The “CE Header” is a generic header that makes any development board or breakout board into an instantly “connected” device. It is a simple abstraction of offerings that most small microcontroller development platforms have, such as the Arduino or the BeagleBoneBlack. In cases where there is not a requisite feature, add-on logic will be added to make it compatible.
Current Sink Or Swim This category is for the CSOS project, which was originally part of CE v2.0. It's a standalone current sink, including descriptions on how to design and construct the board.
Power Swap The power swap module is a range of videos about choosing switching regulators for converting from one voltage to another. There are some advanced topics around inductors, capacitors and mosfets.

About the Course Posts (Projects) category [Course Posts (Projects)] (1)
Finishing The Schematic [Getting To Blinky] (6)
Library Setup and Part Association [Getting To Blinky] (12)
Creating A New Library And Footprint [Getting To Blinky] (6)
Sensor Board Association ( 2 ) [CE Header] (22)
SPICE simulation [Getting To Blinky] (6)
Starting Arduino code for the sensor board [CE Header] (5)
Teensy Breakout Layout [CE Header] (12)
CSOS Sketchplanation [Current Sink Or Swim] (6)
I2C Temp Sensor [CE Header] (4)
Power Swap v2 Boost Layout Part 2 [Power Swap] (1)
Shift Register Experiments [CE Header] (1)
LDR Analog Input [CE Header] (1)
Serial Shift Out [CE Header] (1)
Creating Schematic Symbols [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Building Blinky [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Ordering Parts [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Generating Gerbers and Ordering Boards [Getting To Blinky] (1)
Creating The Layout [Getting To Blinky] (1)
CE Header Footprint [CE Header] (3)
Sensor Board Temp Sensor Symbol [CE Header] (1)
Sensor Board Introduction [CE Header] (1)
Sensor Board Layout [CE Header] (1)
Teensy Breakout Association [CE Header] (1)
Viewing the Reload and (optionally) installing EAGLE [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Finding the Op Amp and Linear Regulator [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Teensy Breakout Schematic [CE Header] (2)
CE Header Schematic [CE Header] (4)
CSOS Build Preparations [Current Sink Or Swim] (1)
Ordering Caps And Resistors for CSOS [Current Sink Or Swim] (3)